Introduction to Android Malware Analysis

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In this article we will get an introduction into mobile malware on Android. The main goal is to give you an overview of the tools used and provide you with a starting point for next work.We will use some webservices that provide a good overview of the malware and later specialized tools to understand the details.

This sample is a example malware(syssecApp.apk) written for Reverse Engineering Summer School 2013 (Organized by Ruhr University-Bochum). It provides an overview of what Android malware is able to do. It is not linked to a control server, so the data it steals will never leave our phone. However some personal data will be visible in the logs and during our analysis, so we should use an emulator anyway.

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Top Hacking Apps for Android (via Source Codes)

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This article is about hacking with android & reverse coding these programs. We will discuss some hacking programs on Android OS.

My test phone is ; Samsung Galaxy Nexus / Android 4.2.2 / Rooted
My test computer is ; Virtual machine (WMware_Windows 7 _Ultimate)

So let’s start…

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